We've been hijacked, America.

‚ÄčOur Declaration of Independence states...

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"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations... evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government..."

"To prove this, let the Facts be submitted to a candid world."

The Federal Reserve sponsors war, depression, pollution, and theft.

Since enactment in 1913 and the gold standard repeal in 1973, America was at war or in depression for 47 of those 60 years. 110 million people died from WWI, WWII, Korean & Vietnam wars.

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The Federal Reserve Failed its price stability test.

Fake Money is born.

Our money buys just 15% of what we had in 1973. $500k in 1973 buys $73,032 today. This forces us to work harder for less. We pay the Federal Reserve 6% per year to poorly manage our money.

We have a system of Fake Money & Lies.

1949 CIA Act Creates Qualified Immunity, NDA Gags Patriots, Requires "Enthusiastic Support"

Government employees and contractors are exempted from prosecution, subject to "enthusiastic support" for American policies regardless of constitutionality, and prohibited from telling the truth about government actions.

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Photo credit: NEH.gov

1973 Vietnam Bankrupts America, Prompts Default on Gold Standard & Unleashes Unlimited Money Creation

The US began massing troops on the Vietnamese peninsula in the 1950s. A decade later, US ships were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. As a result, Congress authorized President Johnson to assist nations under "communist aggression." The 20-year war continued until 1975, two years after US default on the gold standard enabled the Federal Reserve to create unlimited money and inflation.

1978 Secret FISA Courts Circumvent Due Process

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 established secret FISA Courts to approve "electronic surveillance, physical search and certain other forms of investigative actions for foreign intelligence purposes." These secret courts have become the de facto court system.

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Photo credit: thecollegeconservative.org

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Quote credit: Barbara Honnegger

1981 CIA Admits Intent: Deceive American Public, Gain Total Control

According to Barbara Honegger, Special Assistant to the Assistant to President Reagan, Former CIA Director William Casey briefed the CIA objective to the President. America is to be kept in the dark in order to concentrate power within the intelligence community.

1987 Fairness Doctrine Repeal Births Fake News

Neo-conservative Congressman Dick Cheney led the charge to eliminate media requirements to cover both sides of matters important to the public interest. News becomes entertainment rather than education. Fake news is born.

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1991 First Extreme Court Appointment Breaks Century-old Precedent

Former CIA Director, Vice President, and neocon President George H.W. Bush breaks 104 years of Supreme Court precedent by appointing Justice Thomas with less than a three-fifths Senate vote for the first time since 1887.

1992 SCOTUS Ruling Overturns Doctrinal Rule That Protected Our Rights

The 1926 Void for Vagueness Doctrine required all laws to be clear, objective, and easily understood by the average American in order to preserve due process of law. The Planned Parenthood v. Casey ruling replaced the objective Roe v. Wade trimester framework with subjective language, eliminating due process.

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1993 World Trade Center Bombing

According to the FBI, three Muslim men attacked the World Trade Center. This marked the start of the campaign to turn the secret FISA courts on the American people through fear of domestic terrorism.

1994 Senator Biden Claims Credit for USA PATRIOT Act

Senator Biden claims credit for writing and first introducing the USA PATRIOT Act in May 1994 following the first WTC bombing in 1993. He also implicates FBI Director Mueller and the 1990s Democrats. His act was opposed by Libertarians.

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1998 Biden-Bush Neocons Publish "Rebuilding America's Defenses", call for a "new Pearl Harbor"

Project for a New America Century seeks to use a "new Pearl Harbor" to speed the modernization of our military forces.

The missing ingredient: A president to guide us through a domestic terror attack and secure the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act.

2000 Gov. GW Bush Lies About Desire to Nation-build

At 1:55-2:08, Gov. Bush claims, "If we don't stop sending our troops all around the world, uh..., in nation-building missions, then we're gonna have a serious problem coming down the road, and I, I'm going to prevent that."

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Pictured Above: Ambassador Bolton (left); Photo credit: nydailynews.com

2000 Supreme Court Steals Election for Biden-Bush Neocons

VP Gore led Gov. Bush by over 550,000 popular votes, but Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida purged over 57,700 eligible voters to deliver the state to his brother. The Supreme Court handed the election to Gov. Bush three weeks after the election.

2001 USA PATRIOT Act Enables Mass Surveillance, Ends Constitutional Rights

The 9/11 attacks were followed by mail-based anthrax attacks. The Biden-Bush neocons used the fear to justify domestic surveillance of all actions and communications with the USA PATRIOT Act.

After nearly 20 years, Senator Biden's bill passed with President Bush's signature.

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Photo credit: abc

2003 CIA Misinformation Traps Sec. Powell, Leads to Iraq & Afghan Wars

CIA provided evidence of Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction. America invaded, captured Hussein, found no WMD, installed a US-friendly regime, and repeated the process to invade Afghanistan, capturing oil, opium, and rare earth minerals.

2005 Second Extreme Court Justice Appointed

Neocon President George W. Bush appoints Justice Alito with less than three-fifths Senate vote for the second time since 1887.

Failure to reach the constitutional minimum viable consensus model may indicate a justice who is either too extreme or ill-qualified for the job.

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Photo credit: abc

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2005 National Institute of Health (NIH) Begins Funding Coronavirus Research

An NIH grant provides for the "review and oversight of research anticipated to create, transfer or use potential pandemic pathogens (PPPs)." Funding continues from 2005 through 2014, and is restarted in 2017.

2010 Extreme Court Overturns 1990 Corporate Electioneering Ban

On the basis that corporations are people and therefore have rights, the Citizens United decision reversed the 1990 ruling that cited "serious danger" and "significant possibility that corporate political expenditures will undermine the integrity of the political process."

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Photo credit: theintercept.com

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2010 Bitcoin Hacked to Create 184 Billion Bitcoin

Hacked just two years after creation in 2008 while still in its infancy, the creators hacked the blockchain for 184 billion bitcoin, then stranded the haul by rewriting the blockchain with a 51% attack.

2017 Third Extreme Court Justice Appointed

Neocon President Trump appoints Justice Gorsuch with less than three-fifths Senate vote for the third time since 1887.

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2017 FCC Authorizes Corporate Censorship

The Net Neutrality repeal ended the ban on "blocking, slowing, and prioritizing data" thereby censoring and controlling the information we see and hear online and on the internet-connected TV.

2017 Pres. Trump & Bolton Cancel Pandemic Response Team

Neocon President Trump cancels the pandemic response team in advance of and preparation for deploying the virus to cause a mass casualty event, suspend the election, and maintain neocon power indefinitely-- "12 more years!"

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Shown above: President Trump, NSC Advisor Bolton; Photo credit: yahoo

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Photo credit: NBC

2018 Fourth Extreme Court Justice Appointed

Neocon President Trump appoints Justice Kavanaugh with less than three-fifths Senate vote for the fourth time since 1887. His confirmation provides the neocons with the majority needed to ensure that the Net Neutrality repeal is upheld and corporate censorship becomes law.

2018 Bitcoin Adopts Segregated Witness

With the adoption of Segregated Witness (SegWit), Bitcoin transaction processors (miners) can save money by skipping transaction verification. Like a minor illegally drinking at a bar, the stranded Bitcoin can be laundered back into the system through miners that choose not to check transaction IDs.

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Photo credit: CNET

2019 Extreme Court Upholds Censorship

The Extreme Court refused to rule on the decision of a lower court thereby upholding the FCC repeal and institutionalizing corporate censorship by way of data blocking, throttling, and prioritization.

2020 Coronavirus Crisis

The 2015 TV show, The Last Man on Earth, is set in 2020, "One year after the virus."

With the neocon plan discovered, VP Biden uses the pandemic to oust his co-conspirator, President Trump, with the assistance of neocon President Bush, covering up their role in creating the pandemic and regrouping for the next phase of the surveillance state implementation.

The coronavirus pandemic conditioned the public to accept restrictions on our First Amendment rights to freedom of movement and association through economic lockdowns. These lockdowns have the potential to transform into vaccine passports, lockdowns via blockchain spending stops, and the targeting and detainment of individuals for supposed health reasons.

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2020 CARES Act Reauthorizes USA PATRIOT Act With IRS Get My Payment Tool

The coronavirus lockdown put the finances of millions of Americans in jeopardy. The CARES Act provided the necessary assistance, but with a catch: clicking "OK" voluntarily signs over your rights to an unaccountable government.

Specifically, your click reauthorized unconstitutional monitoring, interception, recording, reading, copying or capturing of all activities by government agents. We have signed away our right to privacy. The lack of a qualifying definition for "this system" provides unlimited latitude for government interference.

This reauthorization nullifies our Bill of Rights. Only the Second Amendment remains. That's next.

We have no recourse for government violation of our rights. Health passports and blockchain spending stops will be used to limit our liberty.

2019-2020 Biden-Bush Team Obstructs Whistleblowing Book & Campaign in Coverup

By recruiting Kanye West and others to run as independent candidates, the press could ignore lesser-known independents with ballot access.

After writing my book in 2019, the publisher changed words and phrases, and deleted sections of my book to delay publishing. By obstructing my income, they attempted to bleed the campaign dry. A full account of the campaign obstruction is included with the bonus articles below.

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Photo Credit: thenation.com

2021 Pres Biden Inaugurated Concealing Conspiracy to Hijack America

President Biden hails from Delaware, America's corporate HQ, and Federal Reserve stronghold. His proud claim to the USA PATRIOT Act implicates him as the lead frontman for the Federal Reserve. The '94 Crime Bill, 9/11, USA PATRIOT Act, lives lost to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and use of the pandemic to condition the public for more government control are his crown achievements in 47 years of service to the Federal Reserve.

2021 Pres. Biden Targets Gun Confiscation, Second Amendment

With the conspiracy exposed, the Biden-Bush team sped up their plot to seize our rights. President Biden uses multiple homicide shootings to target gun owners. On March 24, a GW Bush-appointed judge issued a ruling against open-carry, providing support to Biden's push to seize the Second.

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Photo credit: thehill.com

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2021 Spending to Lead to Dollar Default, Global Bitcoin Adoption via Federal Reserve

The coronavirus pandemic dramatically increased spending and debt, increasing the risk of default with rising interest rates, speeding the flip to the Federal Reserve's next global currency: Bitcoin.

The Truth Matters

This controlled demolition took place in Germany on October 20, 2014.

Credit: GoPro

If YouTube refuses to connect, click here: https://youtu.be/xYjF9WPyZfg

If YouTube refuses to connect, click here: https://youtu.be/Xd7tqpwdlpQ

This controlled demolition took place in New York on September 11, 2001.